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Smog Check Star Certified

Smog Check Star Certified


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Ten-Four Auto Repair Center, offer smog check at discount coupon price that meets DMV requirement at uptown Whittier location. Most smog check inspections are done while you white and certificate is issued by our Star certified technician and certificate is directly send to DMV to complete vehicle registration.

Smog Check: Test Only

Are you due for a smog check? Bring your vehicle in to smog station to get a smog check today. We are a licensed station that takes pride in thorough inspections. We will send your certificate directly to DMV while you white. If your vehicle needs other repairs to meet state regulations, we'll recommend them.

Make an appointment or come in with your vehicle today.

Tip: Want to improve your odds of passing a smog test? Regularly maintain your vehicle by following your owner's manual guidelines.

Smog Check: Star Certified

We are a licensed smog check station and Star Certified by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs. This means that we can legally certify vehicles classified as "Gross Polluters" as well as vehicles directed to Test-Only stations. Best of all, our shop both test your vehicle and make repairs conveniently in the same place.

Our knowledgeable staff follows state regulations for smog testing and will check that your vehicle adheres to mandates. If, for some reason, your vehicle does not match regulation standards, our staff will let you know what needs repairs. Our professionals are also licensed to perform the necessary services to get you legally back on the road. After completing the emission repairs, our Gold Shield certifies your vehicle right away.

Give us a call or come in to our one-stop-shop today for a smog check and repairs.

Smog Check: Repair Only

Has your vehicle recently failed a smog check? Are you due for a smog check and not sure your vehicle will pass? Ten-Four Auto is the best auto repair shop in Whittier when it comes to smog repair. Get all the smog repairs you need; simply bring it to Ten-Four Auto. Our technicians know the importance of a street legal vehicle and work hard on your repairs.

Give us a call or stop by today and we will assist you.

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